Welcome to Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance

A statewide network of educators who are student-centered, solutions-oriented, and policy-focused.

About Us

We engage and convene educators of color with opportunities to fellowship, develop layers of mentorship between preservice educators of color and in-service educators of color, and expose educators of color to leadership opportunities.

Opportunities to Fellowship

The TN Educators of Color Fellowship is a year-long experience designed to inform and empower local professionals. The Fellowship provides new skills, networking opportunities, growth experiences, and community with other teachers of color. Applications open each Spring.

Exclusive access to our flagship Annual Conference. We convene educators, activists, advocates, and community stakeholders across the state to address the systemic racial disparities and issues of racial justice in education, how they show up in the policies and practices in our school systems, and what actions stakeholders in Tennessee can take in their pursuit.
Past speakers include Brittany Packnett-Cunningham.


Exclusive Professional Development

Professional Development on topics you care about. We crowdsourced our over 1,400 members to learn what opportunities you care about. New virtual PD posted monthly from educators and facilitators of color.

We provide resources and opportunities to advocate at local, district, and state levels for policy changes that increase and sustain teachers of color. We're part of a movement to increase teacher diversity in Tennessee by 20% by 2025.